Club Membership Dues

Family membership in the Rocky Mountain Koi Club comes due for all members June 1st of each year. The following fee schedule applies to NEW family memberships applied for at other times of the year. Your fee will adjust depending on when you join. Click here for information about business memberships.

Join In Membership Dues Good Through
Jan - Feb $12 June 1st
Mar - Apr $42 June 1st - following year (14 months)
May - June $36 June 1st - following year
July - Aug $30 June 1st - following year
Sep - Oct $24 June 1st - following year
Nov - Dec $18 June 1st - following year

Membership Application

To submit a new membership application or to renew an existing membership, complete the form below and click on Submit. To complete your membership application or renewal, you will be directed to Paypal on the next page for payment.

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